­­­Momentum was born for those who want to “do something different”

Adventure, it’s in our DNA and we take great pride in creating exciting, private adventures, away from the generic tourist trail and catering to any and all looking for something different.

Every trip we offer is truly unique and exclusive to Momentum. We have spent the last decade guiding travellers and scouring the planet for the most jaw-dropping locations, incredible guides and remote hideaways, with the sole purpose of designing the most inspiring adventures of the highest quality that the world has to offer. From swimming with manta rays in Indonesia and abseiling into geothermic fissures in Iceland to dune buggy racing through the wilds of Baja California. Nowhere in the adventure bible does it say you have to suffer to enjoy adventure. Your experience comes with superb accommodation and amazing local food.

We believe you should never stop experiencing, no matter what your age. Our promise to you is to never stop searching our magnificent planet for extraordinary experiences and ensuring they are always authentic and, most importantly, accessible to all.

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